My Background Education, Experiences, Activities


Chalmers University of Technology

B.Sc. Engineering Physics, 2013

M.Sc.Eng. Engineering Physics, 2015

M.Sc. Complex Adaptive Systems, 2015

Ph.D. Radio and Space Science, ongoing

Work Experience


Summer internship, 2012

Cornell University

Summer internship, 2013


Summer internship, 2014

Master Thesis, 2015

Chalmers University of Technology

Doctoral student, 2015-now


Lab supervision

Measurement techniques, RRY140

Measurement techniques, EOE54

Satellite positioning, RRY095

Teaching assistant

Sensing Planet Earth – From Core to Outer Space

Sensing Planet Earth – Water and Ice

Satellite communications, RRY100

Introductory computer orientation

Masters students

Eleftherios Drosinos, 2016

Talks and Presentions

Conference presentations

EGU 2016, Vienna

IGARSS 2016, Beijing

EGU 2017, Vienna

GNSS+R 2017, Ann Arbor

ENC 2018, Gothenburg

AGU 2018, Washington DC

Invited talks

Geodesi og hydrografidagene 2018, Stavanger

Poster presentations

GNSS+R 2017, Ann Arbor

EGU 2018, Vienna

GNSS+R 2019, Benevento

Other presentations

SRS Meeting 2017, Stockholm - poster

SRS Meeting 2018, Kiruna - poster

Positions of Trust

Chalmers Doctoral Student Guild

Board member/Department representative, 2016-2020

Chalmers Faculty Senate

Doctoral student representative, 2016-2019

Sacorådet, Chalmers

Doctoral student representative, 2018-2020

Sveriges Ingenjörer, Chalmers

Board member, 2019-2020

Lerums Kulturskolas Elevförening

Board member, 2008-2011

Chairman, 2012-2018


Chairman, 2017/2018


Board member, 2011-2013

Chairman, 2014

Förenade Forskarstuderande i Fysik

Auditor, 2017-2019

Awards and Recognitions

IGARSS 2016 Student Paper Competition

2nd place

Leadership Courses


Introductory leadership program for scout leaders

Leadership Courses at Chalmers

People in Flow - Personal Efficiency

Creating and Managing Effective Teams

Reflecting on Leadership Perspectives and Contexts

Chalmers Leadership Programme with Gender Perspective

A special leadership programme for doctoral students with a focus on gender perspectives

Other Activities

Hobbies and Interests


Is a world within itself...

Music has been an important part of my life for a very long time. Mostly I play the trumpet in everything from small ensembles to large symphony orchestras, but I also dabble in other musical disciplines such as choir and other instruments.

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Be prepared

Born into a family of scouts, the Scout Association has always been an natural part of my life. Sometimes called the largest leadership school in the world, scouting has given me many valuable lessons as well as the love of my life.

Chalmersspexet Vera and F★Spexet

Student comedy musical

Spex is an integral part of the student tradition at Chalmers. A mix of music, theater, dance, and comedy it is an ideal entertainment. Having been band member, sound technician, producer, and president it has given me a vide variety of experiences.

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International Physicists' Tournament

Olympiad in physics

The International Physicists' Tournament, IPT, is a tournament for bachelor and masters students at universities around the world. In IPT the students work in a scientific way to solve a set of 17 open problems, ranging from how to stir tea in an optimal way to describing how gold nano-particles can color a glass window.

Personally, I have both participated in the tournament 2015 in Warsaw, and also been a part of the organizing team of IPT 2017 at Chalmers University of Technology.

IPT webpage


Body and mind

While sports have never been a primary interest for me, I practiced judo two times a week for several years.